About Me


Born and raised in the United States with 18 years of theatrical experience and 15 years of classical vocal training, Jennifer is a versatile actress and singer who is professional friendly and driven.

Graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a Theatre and communication degree with a music minor, She felt globally ready to start her career.  

​Since Graduating from University, she moved to Melbourne Australia acting in numerous shows including Peter Pan at the Pollywoodside, An Everyday Affair and Nauseas Reprieve which was featured at the Fringe Festival in 2011.  Jennifer has also performed in the International Comedy Festival in Melbourne.

Singing and performing is her passion but also had the chance to teach at West-end performing arts school in Melbourne, Australia where she taught private and group singing lessons along with musical theatre classes ranging from ages 4-40. Many of her students have competed in singing competitions and have been awarded or recognised for their talent.

After spending two years in Melbourne Australia, Jennifer relocated to Auckland New Zealand to further her career in the performing arts. She actively seek auditions for TVC, Film, and Theatre. Along with performing in Auckland, Jennifer  has released a debut album in 2015 as well as two international singles.


Whether you need an actress for a production or a singer for an occasion, She will commit 100%. Jennifer is not only a performer but coaches private singing and acting lessons in Auckland New Zealand.